We celebrate traditional craftsmanship, by blending traditional form and modern function.


Co-Founder & CEO

Anna first started her career with a degree in Interior Architecture in London, and pursued her creative passion in both the residential and hospitality sector.

Some of her first projects include the South Kensington Club in London and the Baglioni Hotel’s Clubino Bar & Restaurant, later followed by numerous residential schemes and the development of The Penthouse Collection in London.

Anna has since relocated to Los Angeles to further her career in ethical and sustainable design, hoping to inspire a new era of responsible design.

As a lover of explorations and adventures, and having traveled extensively from a young age, Anna was exposed to various cultures and traditions throughout her life.

Inspired by native craftsmanship, Anna discovered uniquely talented artisans in the smallest and often most secluded regions of the world, who had been using their time-worn techniques for centuries.

Her desire to create a meaningful social impact through design, encouraged her to share her findings with the rest of the world, and thus, the idea of Artisans Net was born.



Co-Founder & CCO

Liz is an experienced sales and business professional with extensive work experience in the hospitality sector, heading up family-owned businesses and top-tier agencies alike.

Following her tourism & event management studies, Liz successfully lead multiple agencies, specializing in sales strategy & support, marketing and event management. Always on the lookout for new and innovative consumer experiences, she has developed efficient and result-oriented solutions for clients such as Samsung, Mercedes, British American Tobacco and Mondelez.

After more than 8 years of working in agency, Liz departed the corporate world and relocated to Indonesia to follow her passion for design, craftsmanship and supporting local communities.

A creative nomad like Anna, Liz’s love for exploration and adventure led her to Bali, where she crossed paths with Anna. Sharing the same values and passion, they soon discovered that their knowledge and strengths complemented each other’s, thus a new friendship and a partnership was born.


Social Media Manager & Supplier Co-ordinator Colombia

Growing up moving around the world, Michelle was immersed in widely different cultures from an early age. This has nurtured a lifelong passion to help and contribute to beneficial causes, which has led her to be involved in social work activities in countries such as Colombia, South Africa and Spain, to mention a few.

Following a start in the fashion industry, Michelle worked in a boutique in NYC where she became involved with art therapy programs at children’s hospitals. This experience was eye opening and drove to pursue her passion in that field and apply her skills to projects on 4 continents.

Experienced in event planning and execution for high profile clients, she recently had the opportunity to work with the government of Cote d’Ivoire, collaborating directly with the sports and defense ministers, with which she worked on promoting and developing sports programmes for the younger generations.

Driven by this passion that has grown from simple community work to currently exploring different regions in search of unique craftsmanship, and the stories of the people behind them, Michelle’s values are very much aligned with those of Artisans’s Net. Having met Anna and discovered they shared the same vision, Michelle joined the team and looks forward to combining her thirst for exploration with building what we see as the future sustainable shopping, ethical living and conscious being.


Marketing Manager

Denise started working in the Marketing and Media industry straight out of university, where she advised her clients on ways to market and best present their company in order to successfully enter and grow within the sector.

After more than 15 years working with leading organizations, a journey to Indonesia and Thailand inspired her to follow her own independent career path. Her desire to create a marketing agency, founded on transparency in its services to the client, ultimately gave her the courage to become self-employed.

She now supports selected clients build a brand image and create a story behind their products and/or services.

Denise discovered a synergy between her business and Artisans Net for its values and the desire to create meaningful design. She now manages and supports the marketing side of the company.

When not devising and implementing marketing strategies, Denise follows her passion for interior design and runs a boutique hotel in Austria together with her husband.