From: San Jacinto, Bolívar (Colombia)

This town is known for the traditional San Jacinto hammocks. These are mainly weaved by women using large looms to make colorful pieces with thick cotton. They use different weaving techniques that create various designs using traditional symbols, ikat designs, embroidery and stripes.

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Artisans use this technique for several items, one of which are hammocks. They transform natural cotton thread by giving it color with a variety of natural dyes. They use a vertical loom, handling with precision the technique that allows having fabric without seams. 2,000 artisan families derive their livelihood from this technique.


San Jacinto is a municipality in Colombia located in the north of the country, in the department of Bolívar and 120 km southeast of Cartagena de Indias. It is a national pioneer in exports of handicrafts and agricultural products such as tobacco and coffee.

San Jacinto is considered to be the first artisan center of the Atlantic coast, in addition to being the first marketer of products made in vertical loom such as hammocks and its diversification. The municipality also produces products made in crochet and macramé, as well as wood products, saddlery and bagpipe instruments among others. The artisans in charge of the production of these craftsmanships are the women head of household and daughters over 12 yrs old, who inherit this art from an early age.