From: Guapi, Cauca (Colombia)

EPERARA SIAPIDARA Indigenous Community

To weave their basketry they use natural fiber called “Paja Tetera” and create different patterns using their own symbology as the design to translate their tradition.

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The Andean mountain knot of the Colombian Massif is located in Cauca. There, the central and western mountain ranges of Colombia are born, as well as the two great Colombian Inter-Andean rivers, Cauca and Magdalena. Its capital, Popayán, has a historic center which remains with all its colonial architecture

The indigenous community with which we work in Cauca are the Eperara Siapidara.

The culture of the Eperara community is interpreted in two space worlds: The ‘’ethereal world’’ – world of Jai, of spirits or shadows – and the ‘’physical world’’ – ecosystem where society unfolds.

The community stands out for their agricultural work. They are led by the ‘’Tachi Nawe’’ (our mother), the highest spiritual chief and priestess.